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    Dear Mr Phillips,
    The Prime Minister has asked me to thank you for your recent letter and enclosure.
    Mr Blair receives many thousands of letters each week and hopes you will understand that, as the matter you raise is the responsibility of DEFRA, he has asked that your letter be forwarded to that Department so that they may reply to you on his behalf.
    Yours sincerely
    Mrs T Sampson

Hello there Dear Didi,

I know exactly how you's a s**t response from a s** we cannot be surprised, just morally astounded (once again) that he continues not to give a s**t about people screaming for their life.

I would say the b*****d has not even seen the letter, and his human filters have assigned it to DEFRA as it is too hard for them to take the decision to say.........excuse me Prime Minister but we have a very distressed farmer about to commit suicide ...and I think you should at least sign this letter we have prepared for you, Mr Prime Minister.

They are an uncaring bunch of absolute, solid, gold plated s***s.

You could write to Warmwell and say.............

The PM has seen fit to change my genetic make up without my consent, the same as he slaughtered my animals without my consent, and has spun me out as Mister D. Phillips. I thought bad news was something only Jo Moore could hide.

I wonder if I should remind the Prime Minister that the matter I raised is NOT the responsibility of DEFRA, as he grabbed the reins of their (his) runaway slaughter policy from them and declared to the nation, "I have taken personal responsibility" of the FMD handling and control last year; and he has NEVER, to the public knowledge, handed back this "responsibility".

The quality and the depth of understanding of this despicable reply indicates to me the darker depths of this sick and uncaring government.


I'm sorry your letter has been ignored by the piece of garbage that has caused you so much heartache, Didi.

Take a breath.........have a walk......and then reply and copy to all you feel you should. Or you could help Nick describe on his claim form how a horse's arse* is imprinted on the bonnet of your car !!


Bryn and Carol

* Didi explains..." the reference to our car is about a pony who decided to sit on our car when we had a rare day out on never rains it pours!"