Without wishing to undermine the fine and valiant efforts of Dot, Jean, and David in any fashion under the auspices of the RSPCA at that meeting, may I offer these responses marked in RED within their report ?


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Following their meeting with the RSPCA last week, David, Dot and Jean have these points to make

It's Bryn Wayt here, and my comments are in RED. I am not criticising your valiant efforts - Dot, Jean, David - to get the RSPCA to account for their timorous actions during this FMD crisis, but I wish to interject along the way.

I am very disillusioned with the RSPCA and my comments will show this !


RSPCA were very pleased to be approached directly ("the first visitors we've had") and stressed that they were open to further discussion. We did not want any more "discussion" we wanted their ACTION to help stop the senseless and illegal slaughter of healthy animals  something they were an abject failures at.

They were concerned about criticism of them on the web and in the media. And well might they be !!!


For they were shown to be rich "talkers" that achieved nothing in the "Prevention of Cruelty to Animals".

Not ONE attempted prosecution in the flood of legitimate complaints reached any court !


It is public knowledge they get about £23 million annually from wills' - did they spend even £1 million trying to prosecute this lamentable government ? NO !

Did they spend another £1 million taking out FULL page advertising slating this hellish government for their avalanche of bungled policies on contiguous culls and bungled slaughters ? NO !


The "criticism" was their gold plated Oscar for doing precious little in defending their slogan RS..PCA. They won it hands down. I mention GILWERN as their epic opportunity to put their money where their mouth is, but they meekly wriggle away with the thought that the slaughterman was operating, "..under difficult circumstances". How PATHETIC is that ?


They spoke of hidden agendas, as other people had spoken of their hidden agenda. The fact that they have spoken out I'm sorry but I did not hear them on T/V or in front of the cameras in Devon or Cumbria or on the hills of Wales against the government, that they were not allowed on farms during the outbreak, that they are excluded from the Policy Commission of Food and Farming, (as are other animal welfare organisations) and that they are now excluded from the 2002 list of approved personnel for livestock markets being non-political means they can't complain to their MP, so make them change their policy  they MUST; otherwise they are as much use as a chocolate fireguard, makes one think that it is the government that has the hidden agenda.

The press releases that were put out from Feb. onwards show that they were objecting consistently to what was happening as well as helping with animal welfare. Their concerns were the same as ours and they had the same difficulties as we did in getting the press to take notice. There's a saying that "money talks" and I did not see much press attributed to the RSPCA..were they TOTALLY incapable of holding a weekly press meeting from their shiny big building in Horsham for the World's Press to listen to their concerns ? They kept very quiet in my opinion about these concerns of theirs. Their Press Releases did not to my knowledge appear on their web-site !

There were people on the Smartgroups board who have less than a millionth of their assets got more column inches than they fought for !


Freedom Foods is a subsidiary of the RSPCA but is completely separate and has its own board. Its farms are run to RSPCA welfare standards. How many of them were SOS ? Did they get FMD ? Were they touched at all ?


RSPCA do spot checks to insure that these are maintained. (We would like to know more and hope Freedom Foods are as co-operative as the RSPCA.)


RSPCA deny any government funding and any allegiance to any political party. Their sole concern is the welfare of animals. They have a huge bank book, and failed to use it  the sentiment is there OK and that where it ended in this FMD disaster. What we all saw and heard or read the RSPCA do during the worst FMD WAR in history, was the way they performed..which was way, way below expectations, and were in ,many eyes a thorough disgrace in the operational application of fine words.

The Australian RSPCA and other like bodies are separate entities working to different legislation. Our own RSPCA are bound by our legislation and that of the EEC. So the laws against slamming a new born lambs head against a tree is different here ? They can only act in an advisory capacity. Please don't ride that quad bike with a loaded gun..please don't shoot these pigs in the back of that trailer with shot guns..good advice ?


It is quite apparent from their press releases that during FMD their concerns about animal welfare went unheeded. I have watched their adverts where they still say "we will prosecute against cruelly to animals" ! Is this a con ? Or is that just some "advice" we are getting on T/V ?


The information the RSPCA have is that vaccination is not at present a viable option. Oh! My God .who or where in the hell did they swallow that one from ? Did you tell them that we import VACCINATED meat at the rate of about 70,000 tonnes a year from South America, and these foreigners seem to have solved that "viability" problem about 30 years ago ! How much of their Fort Knox treasure chest did they spend on finding out for themselves that Vaccination WORKS, and for weaker countries than the UK ? I will bet they just rolled over with what DEFRA said.


They are aware that other people "other people" - make that "other NATIONS" ! hold different opinions. They suggest a meeting. Who withProf. Fred Brown ?

Evidence submitted to them shows that animals who have had FMD and recovered are inferior in condition and performance. Any schoolboy could have told them that ! Anything (animal/vegetable/mineral) that has suffered a disease is unlikely to be comparable to one who has not.

We are not concerned much with "condition" nor seeking "performance" from such recovered FMD diseased animals..we are seeking their NATURAL recovery, assisted with preventative VACCINATION, to stop the spread of this harmless disease, NOT the inhumane and illogical slaughter of disease free animals. Even if you ate an animal which had gone through the FMDv life span, it would not harm you. So that farcical notion of the RSPCA's does not translate to a viable argument (If this is true, why is it not obvious to DEFRA vets? DEFRA vets are not paid to save animals, they are paid to carry out the wishes of an ignorant, dictatorial government. )

There were many issues raised that need further discussion. I bet !


Ideas to change legislation like kill the AHB and to improve aspects of the welfare of farm animals should be the subject of a further meeting. I'm not a farmer and those who were slaughtered out might have something to say about any need to improve the welfare of their animals  the farms I saw and the tears shed by these farmers indicate other far deeper problems than basic animals welfare that the RSPCA seem to think needs a broad brush to go over.

All groups and interested parties should get together and will the RSPCA co-ordinate this with setting up a computer aided plan ? in order that action can be planned in a concerted manner.