Our Neil wants to get out into the fresh air more often and not stuck in front of his PC so much !

"He received his doctorate in theoretical particle physics from the University of Oxford in 1994."

So he is selected and fused on I have a theory, that his theory on BSE in sheep is utter bloody rubbish.

"In 1995 he received a Wellcome Biomathematics Training and Research fellowship. In 1997 he received research fellowships from the Royal Society and from Linacre College, Oxford University. Dr. Ferguson will be conducting research at on (funny grammar) the development of robust methodologies for the quantitative analysis and prediction of patterns of infectious disease spread and evolution, as they apply to the design of control and treatment programs."

The last TWO words, "treatment programs".....might offer one ray of hope......maybe somebody should tell him scrapie has never killed anybody, ANYWHERE in the world............and there's been quite a few sheep knocking about since he was born.

I have a theory there should be a law against spreading nasty rumours based on theories.

I have another theory - too much science, based on pure imaginary theory, can be bad for you.

Watch out for the theorists.