NFU - Remember that very rude little jingle I had for them?

.........No *******g use? well with 18,000 odd farmers in the UK the giant and respected NFU must have burst their gut getting this far...........

QUOTE In preparing this document, we drew up a questionnaire to send to a sample of NFU members about their direct experience of the FMD outbreak. We asked our eight Regional Offices to send the questionnaires to a selection of affected farmers in their areas. We have received 70 replies. We do not claim that this exercise is scientifically based or statistically significant, but the replies do show a remarkable consistency of views. UNQUOTE

......... What in the hells use is a "sample" like's as much use as a DEFRA "sample".

... the NFU should have solicited the views of EVERY member on their books...........then they can talk authoritatively. 70 add up to a mumble in a jam jar.

I'm not a fan of the NFU or "will we / won't we / we don't know enough / a leap in the dark" Ben Gill.

That mob had YEARS to get clued up (as did the lamentable MAFFia/DEFRA clowns) on FMD from all over the world, and should have known all the answers........they were caught with their pants downs and subsequently displayed a shameful lack of did the stinking, lousy government.