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Background : Aviation Professional. Retired airline Pilot with 38 years of accident free flying. UK CAA Certified Flight Safety/Safety Training Instructor.

FMD Connection: Strenuously against the abominable handling of the FMD crisis by the Labour government. I am "For" vaccination - without slaughter.

Vested Interests : NIL. I am not a "farmer".


Opening Remarks:

"Dr Anderson said he was aware of a mass of anecdotal information about the handling of the disease, but he needed verifiable facts to get at the truth."

Without a Full PUBLIC Inquiry it is very unlikely, verging on the impossible, that the truth from the ruling political spectre will emerge, as they continue to hide behind their cowardly cloaks of office and claim diplomatic immunity.

That is the first lesson to be learned ! Nobody should be spared from giving verifiable evidence which will be available to the public - they are the servants of the electorate lest they forget and should never hide their misdemeanours.

"The Inquiry instead intended to identify those areas where there were significant shortcomings and failures in processes".

I think everybody at your meetings will tell you, COMMUNICATION was abysmal from government.

They were caught off guard and without clear leadership, or a defensible plan; there was no Contingency Plan that to talk of, it was a "suck and see" whilst their only thought was mass slaughter. Their excuse for a scientific based slaughter policy has been proved lamentable; with different ideas from different camps. Even the recently retired Chief Scientist from DEFRA is ill at ease with the mechanics of government, "With the benefit of hindsight Dr Shannon questions whether the claims about the committee still hold, namely that 'the group of experts set up to inform the Chief Scientific Adviser's advice on the current foot and mouth disease epidemic draws together a wide range of experts, including epidemiologists and animal biologists".  February 2002 edition of Science & Public Affairs.

I think it best to intertwine my other comments amidst the bare bones of what you are trying to achieve in your paper'.

My comments are in RED.

These are as follows:

How ready was the farming industry to handle a major infectious disease like Foot and Mouth totally unprepared for the unlawful and totally ILLEGAL Contiguous Cull policy and did the existing national and EU regulatory regimes have any influence? EU Law forbids the killing of healthy animals (EU Directive 82/894/EEC [2] ) - but that did not stop the MAFF or DEFRA playing outlaws and destroying a nations soul. What more could be done to prepare for possible future outbreaks of infectious disease? How about Agricultural Ministers that knew what the devil they were talking about ? The ignorance of Elliot Morley was staggering; and he was meant to be clued up and on the ball. Being a paid professional assumes responsibilities amongst which is solid knowledge of your subject. "I don't know of any country that vaccinates sheep against FMD" was one admission of ignorance. Mrs. Beckett's calling the final outcome a "sort of minor victory" was an insult to the UK populace - having lost about £20 Billion to this fiasco, gives no room for such entirely stupid boasts by paid Ministers.


My conclusion

Dr David Shannon, chief scientist at the Ministry of Agriculture and Defra during the BSE and foot and mouth crises, said,

the committee that advised the Prime Minister made incorrect assumptions about the outbreak because it did not fully understand the disease,

If the committee did not understand the disease, as sure as day turns to night, the government knew less, and the world was witness to that.

Ministers are public servants, Mr Blair is head butler, his head should roll for running a renegade, lawbreaking circus which shamed this country to its boots.

Signed: Captain Bryn R. Wayt