Economic Suicide?

Dear Kris, Opening Ref :

May I respond to the invitation to comment on the Preliminary Discussion Papers ?

I live in England, and as you know the UK has suffered the worst FMD outbreak the world has known in modern times.

Estimates of between £20-40 Billion pounds have been posted as the economic damage trying to contain the FMD without vaccination; therefore, I cannot agree with the blanket statement, "However for exporting countries the use of (emergency) vaccination today means economic suicide"

It has been economic suicide here in the UK trying to protect a beef/meat export market of roughly #310 million/year balanced against £20-40 billion in less than 9 months.

The suicide was NOT to implement EMERGENCY VACCINATION straight away, and we have given the world a FREE lesson of how not to control FMDv, by the barbaric exhibitions of mass slaughter, and funeral pyres that went on burning for months.

I request you rephrase the statement to take account of the practical experience here in the UK.

Kind regards,

Captain Bryn Wayt

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