"The Independant" newspaper carried a story that mentioned DEFRA had "admitted" that the UK imported VACCINATED MEAT from Brazil.

What DEFRA did not mention was the WHOLE TRUTH !

So DEFRA have "admitted" some VACCINATED meat gets into our country, and we eat it, have they............well they have NOT told the WHOLE truth on this one (surprise, surprise) !

I'm sending this to the papers (again) so the TRUTH will get out (perhaps)......if anybody wants to ring/fax the Independant with the whole story, feel free.

So the tight lipped DEFRA (like their parent ) have admitted some VACCINATED meat gets into the mouths of the UK population - the government knew this YEARS ago. The NFU knew it (or damn well should have) and every other government agency knew it too.

If the NFU were worth a bag of Sheep Nuts, they would have spilled the beans ages ago too - and should have done.

Just in case these "leaders" don't know where VACCINATED meat comes from, let them educate themselves from this web-site mald cont.asp?c mald=2&c cont=6&annee=2000.

I will not do all their homework for them, but it should not be beyond them to establish where we import MORE vaccinated meat from - let's give them a clue....Brazil and Argentina. Would they like to comment on the imports from Swaziland, Uruguay, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Panama, Croatia, and Israel ?

Would they like to comment on the 43,000 tonnes of Corned Beef (vaccinated) from Brazil to year end August 2000 ?

The piddling amount of 18,718 tonnes of vaccinated meat from Brazil (year ending May ) does not tell the whole story; DEFRA have wilfully withheld the TRUTH on this import data.

The government and DEFRA are playing silly buggers, for they have withheld the FULL truth that in FACT we imported 68,608 tonnes of vaccinated meat from Brazil in the period, June 2000 till May 2001.

From the same table where they got 18,718 tonnes from (that is only the total of Bone-in[13] and Boneless[18705] ) along that data line are the following additional tonnage;
Offal 188 tonnes;
Meat and Offal 49,702 tonnes;
which together with their 18,718 tonnes gives the TRUE, FULL picture of VACCINATED meat from Brazil as 68,608 tonnes !!!!!!!! Have a search DEFRA at....... imports-3.htm

From March 2000 to February 2001 the TOTAL amount of vaccinated meat products from Brazil was 65,102 tonnes - a little bit more than the DEFRA elite push-out ! I assume the DEFRA figures conveniently omitted the following tonnage in case it worried Ben "don't vaccinate, the public won't buy vaccinated meat" Gill :
37 tonnes of Bone-In meat;
Bovine Offal (includes liver/skirt/tongue and "other") 183 tonnes;
Bovine meat and Offal preparations 46,091 tonnes.

As always DEFRA are economical with the truth, and their masters blind and ignorant ( take the howler from Minister Morley during the Brecon Beacons slaughter, "Vaccination remains an option to us,'' he said. He then added: ``Vaccination is a problem in sheep. I'm not aware of any country that does vaccinate sheep in relationship to foot and mouth").

I wonder why DEFRA did not mention THE OTHER VACCINATED meat imports from ARGENTINA we are expecting this month in the same breath ?

"In September we will be in conditions to export, not only to Chile but to the European Union as well," Regunaga said after meeting with his Chilean counterpart, Jaime Campos. "We will invite a mission from the EU, but to export we must have bilateral agreements," Regunaga added. The government began a program to vaccinate 98 percent of Argentina's more than 50 million head of cattle in April (2001) in an effort to stop the spread of the disease. There are currently about 1,200 active outbreaks of the virus in Argentina, according to the national food and animal health and quality inspection service Senasa".

Over to you DEFRA !

Come on you 'papers' tell the public the true picture of vaccinated meat imports.......please !