Let's go for an Public Equiry and show these irresponsible government clowns we are not amused at their claim to be "proud".

This Elliot Morley fellow is as useful as flat tyre and his comments fall on stony ground.

That we actually pay this guy good money to come up with C**P like that is quite appalling !!

He must be bloody joking that ANY government could be PROUD of the utter damn shambolic, barbaric, and inhumane exhibition of total incompetence showered on a nation over the course of a few months to protect a political export market that is worth two-pence compared with the outrageous expenditure this bungled handling has precipitated.

How can anyone be PROUD of ignorant, off the cuff rules and regulations changed at the drop of a hat, which paved the way for the worst self-induced economic melt-down that we have witnessed ? Only an idiot would be proud of that.

That the taxpayers have to foot the bill (what is it now...#20 - 30 BILLION ? ) for their blatant uninformed frenzy of slaughter based on flaky scientific "advice" is something that no government should be proud of, not even a third world government, never mind a British one !

It is a disgrace that even a junior minister should use such a word as......PROUD !!

"Proud" that the Gurkas jump over walls to round up sheep and assist in breaking and entering a private dwelling to slaughter healthy animals.....and degrade their professional standing as some of the bravest soldiers ever to wear a uniform.

"Proud" that the world has seen the largest release of poisonous chemicals released into the atmosphere by the hand of man.

"Proud" that he belongs to a political party that have buried their reputation along with millions of healthy animals, that Mother Earth will regurgitate for years into the mouths of our future.

What the hell does he know of "normality" if he can't see there is NOTHING to be proud of in this hellish, ongoing carnage of the countryside and of rural affairs and of thousands of human beings' lives ?
Is he proud that some farmers have committed suicide because of the lunatic SS methods his party continue to employ ?

"Under control"....HA !

The only thing under control is the apathetic non-voters who allowed these clowns back in office.

How dare Morley even mention the 1967 outbreak.....as if they had a handle on what they should have done by 20/20 hindsight.

He urges farmers not to drop their guard........that's bloody rich when his MAFF/DEFRA teams run around not following the laid down disinfecting procedures........well for #50/hour some might forget !

I can't recall a press photo of Morley at Cumbria or Devon or Forest of Dean or any of the open pit burial sites gaining first hand experience of what the hell he is talking about !
Maybe I've missed that......I will stand corrected if that's furthest from the truth.

It has only been "the worst outbreak of FMD in the world" because it was allowed to be. Ring Vaccination would have stopped it........like South America....and continue to have this Free from FMD status.....so what ! That we British have eaten vaccinated meat from overseas for years, does not clear the smoke screen from a pathetic obsession to remain Free from FMD NO vaccination status.

Tim Yeo is on the right road - along with a growing number of organisations !

(>Tim Yeo who this afternoon backed the RCVS call for a public inquiry into the outbreak. He said "The Govt. must make an immediate commitment to hold a full and independent public inquiry into the outbreak. Tony Blair is running scared of an inquiry because he knows he has something to hide. In the last few months his Govt. has suppressed scientific advice, fiddled statistics, abused the Official Secrets Act and launched smear operations against innocent farmers."

> "Now all ministers responsible for FMD in the last Parliament have either resigned or been sacked. Labour is hoping they will disappear into the undergrowth without ever having to answer for their actions. At best, this Govt. is guilty of gross negligence. At worst, Labour's resistance to an inquiry is concealing a political scandal that could overshadow Blair's second term.")

Let's go for an Public Equiry and show these irresponsible government clowns we are not amused at their claim to be "proud".

Bryn bryn@wayt.greatxscape.net