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Excerpt from James Dring's Report



At 2pm, as arranged, I arrived at Burnside Farm, Heddon-on-the-Wall to inspect the resident pig herd for signs of FMD. I was accompanied by Animal Health Officer Jim Storey, a MAFF colleague also based at the Newcastle Area Office.

The Burnside herd at this time comprised 527 pigs, with culled adults and pork/bacon pigs in approximately equal numbers alongside a lesser number of young stock. (For full stocking data, see classification/distribution table attached.)

Before beginning my inspection, I again asked both Waugh brothers whether they were aware of any current or recent ill-health in their pigs and was again told that, as far as they were aware, all their pigs were well. However, inspection quickly revealed the presence of widespread FMD, clearly well-established, with old lesions in many pigs. The younger pigs in particular were visibly unwell/unthrifty, putting the lie to the Waughs’ specious claims (see Appendix Three) of a herd in apparent good health. Lameness in the older pigs will have come and (largely) gone, but also have been patently obvious in previous days.

Forms A and C were served. Samples were collected and dispatched to the Diagnostic Laboratory, Pirbright, Surrey on the 2030 flight ex Newcastle airport (assistance in this rendered by colleagues Rupert Hine VO, who had been summoned from a nearby farm, and Jim Storey).

Tracing information collected (i.e. a list of farm and market premises either visited by the Waughs or which had supplied pigs to the Waughs in the recent past).

Relevant documentation (reports + Notices) faxed from Animal Health Office, Kenton Bar, Newcastle to Page Street, London.