Cards for Winter Feed ~ Order Form

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Please do support the sale of these monochrome cards by Dales artist Rosemary Lodge. She has given us this art work without charge since, like all her friends, she is incensed by what has been happening in Britain's rural communities.

5 cards with matching envelopes. Each picture of the Dales sheep is different.

They would be useful for Christmas cards - or for any other use since we decided not to put any message inside them

We will have your cards ready and will send them as soon as we receive your cheque through the post, made payable to "winter feed fund".
All money received will be used for providing emergency winter feed for stranded animals in the area or sent on to the Heart of Britain winter feed fund.

Each pack of cards and envelopes costs £3.50 (postage and packing included) - or £15.00 for five packs

Please sent your cheque to "Winter Feed Fund"
Manor Cottage,
Nr Skipton,
N Yorks
BD23 6BP


Using the e-mail form below is the same as using email. Your email address will be sent with the form.

This advance order form is to ensure that we have enough cards ready when we receive your cheque. You do not need to send it in addition to your cheque - but it helps us with reprinting when we run out of cards. We will consider your email here a firm order and will get your cards ready for the post.

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Number of packs you would like to reserve

Thank you very much for supporting the emergency winter feed fund. We hope to save many animals from unnecessary and wasteful slaughter in the "Welfare Disposal Scheme".