Fields of Fire ...

A selection of images from various photographers suggested for inclusion in the book Fields of Fire, a tribute to all those animals and their owners who have died or suffered during the Foot and Mouth crisis in Britain. If anyone viewing this gallery has images they think may be suitable, please contact QUITA for advance orders of this important book. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A COMMERCIAL PROJECT



All these sites are useful. No particular order intended. Constant updates everywhere but the simple ones ( like warmwell) load much more quickly

Countryside matters and Farming matters.

Very good archive on these two interlinked websites: and and

The new


is here to give alpaca breeders in the UK a chance to voice their ideas on what is happening.


The Silent Majority .. an interesting site from Devon.

Action Foot and Mouth is a group of individuals who own businesses in the tourist industry and in the broader rural economy. We ar hoping to find out more...

Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming

From Crisis to Transformation

- part of a new and very interesting site from an RCVS holistic veterinary practice

Part of is this hounds site - the FMD coverage is good.

Of particular interest is the letter sent to Mr Scudamore prepared for us and the pressure group CAUSAL by Burges Salmon, solicitors, which concludes that subject to adequate bio-security camelids have such a low risk of contacting the disease let alone spreading it or becoming a carrier that the correct course of action is to quarantine animals that in other species would be deemed "dangerous contacts" or on infected farms and to test for the virus at the begining of the quarantine and then again after 14 days.

How a Shropshire farmer sees it - a foot and mouth diary


The Silent Majority


About the Chillingham herd

Cumbria - news as it happens and links to local papers

about the herdwick sheep

vets4vaccs - concerned vets


..shows how EU admits its policy on vaccination has led to decline of herd immunity

Friends of the Earth

Soil Association

Farmers for Action

Elm Farm Research Centre

Website for camelids

Tourist Board re FMD and links

Vote online for vaccination

All the papers!

new legal note at cullmaff

what Are we Swallowing? .com - A Social & Cultural Record of the FMD epidemic

Useful page of political contacts

Contact for the Small and Family Farms Alliance is

There is another small farms association and contact

eu FMD control This states clearly that the cessation of annual vaccination, pushed through by Britain in 1991, has led to "a gradual decline of herd immunity"

The FMD situation worldwide From an american site: *see OIE links to individual countries"Cumbria back in" can contribute and go some way towards putting us back on our feet. we have never been totally closed down and, despite countless reports to the contrary, with the exception of access to farmland, plus footpath and fell walking, many and most of our attractions, hotels, restaurants, pubs etc. etc. are, and always have been, 'open for business'.

Oh.. and you might like to chuck a few eggs

at your favourite politicians if you are in desperate need...(let me know if you beat my score of 19 splats)