They would tell us, wouldn't they?

There is a farm on the road to Carlisle that really must have liked the pond that MAFF instated for them - and DEFRA removed later on this year. They must have been so upset to see it removed - that they have had it reinstated. One can only imagine that this must be the case. Why else would they go to all the trouble of digging a fresh hole and filling it up again.

This farmer must be a very clean and conscientious person because on Friday all the large containers of disinfectant had also reappeared in his farm yard. I saw both the pond and the containers with my own eyes. A few days before someone else had seen two Snowie lorries parked outside the farm. Perhaps the farmer had come to know the drivers and invited them in for a cup of tea and a chat! Perhaps!

Then from somewhere in my fuzzy memory I vaguely remember something called foot and mouth. Hang on a minute I hear myself saying. Ponds, disinfectant, Snowie wagons these all sound very familiar.

No! Not possible. This farm was signed off weeks ago and the original pond removed. No sign on the gate saying foot and mouth keep out - so I wonder what is going on? Perhaps it is just DEFRA that are making them do it all again, as a training exercise. After all - we would know if it was foot and mouth again . WOULDN'T WE?