Concerning the article on you site from Nick Green taken from a farmer's diary.

I rang the RSPCA as did a friend regarding the overturned lorry and the cattle still alive. I was appalled that this might/could happen. The RSPCA suggested I put this statement in writing to them. This I did also along with the link from the web site it was taken from - TL diary I believe. I was reading his diary daily at that time.

When I rang the RSPCA back to ask why they had not returned my email and answered my questions they told me that they could find NO written evidence from the RSPCA Inspector who would have been present regarding this incident, and NO evidence that this in fact did happen. Either written or verbal.

I find this odd, if the fact is they were present then why was it not written up as evidence? Or was this just more lies even at this early stage?