Compensation claims for businesses hit by the policies of the government during foot and mouth.

Tom Griffiths Jones, who has himself been very adversely affected by the FMD policy, is attending an initial exploratory meeting of the UK Rural Business Campaign at Sheldon, Birmingham, Thursday (8th Nov) It hopes to bring a case against the government for loss of profits on behalf of those in the rural economy who have been so badly hit by the effects of the foot and mouth policy. Tom would be very happy to represent anyone - farmer or business person - who is out of pocket because of the way the government has imposed restrictions.

The lawyers, the large London firm "Class Law", will initially act on behalf of a few farmers and businesses - but many others -probably thousands - will be also represented as a group. This is the firm who have achieved great success in the past in compensation cases involving large numbers ( and others, such as the successful case to restrict night flying on behalf of the residents near Heathrow)

Tom would invite anybody who is out of pocket to contact him for further details or to learn how to attend the meeting. He is happy to represent at the meeting anyone who is interested but cannot attend. We hear that the government is taking this so seriously that they have already appointed lawyers to fight the case!

Tom can be contacted by telephone on 01823 672614 or by fax: 01823 672442

he says that his answerphone is on the blink and he is trying to install a new one quickly! Please try again if you can't get through.