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Release time: immediate

Released by: Peter Ainsworth MP

Date: Thursday, 28 Februray, 2002

Ref: 515/02









Ainsworth: Hunting vote is cynical Labour distraction


Commenting on Labours new move to outlaw hunting, the Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Peter Ainsworth MP, said:


"The timing of this latest attempt to ban fox hunting is a cynical move to deflect attention from the Stephen Byers scandal and the Mittelgate affair.


"At a time when the countryside is trying to recover from the trauma of foot and mouth and the collapse in commodity prices, and when many rural businesses are wondering if they can survive, it is a distraction from the issues that really matter in rural Britain.


"It will do nothing to restore the confidence of people who live and work in the countryside. It will simply confirm the widely-held belief that the Government only cares about the spin and manipulation of news."




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