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Some messages received at the height of the crisis

received August 1

When I read the e mails on your web site of the appalling treatment of the animals I want to know why the RSPCA is not prosecuting. Can some one answer this question ?

Well Karen...I would dearly love to know the same thing.. It seems that the RSPCA is like many organisations that have got too big. The people on the ground who actually do the work are brilliant - the hierarchy who control all that money are not so happy at upsetting people in high places. It stinks. Elliott Morley had meetings with the RSPCA at the start of all this and I would dearly love to know if some kind of deal was struck - e.g. about promises of animal welfare legislation at some future date.

July 31
... I want to let you know that I support what you are doing, as a nation we MUST do something to stop this terrible slaughtering. What happened to the Countryside Alliance, of which I am a member? We should be marching in the streets and demonstrating to stop these nazis. And how dare that dreadful Beckett woman go on holiday whilst this is going on. I wonder if she sleeps at night.

Best of luck to all of us but especially the farmers. I'm not really religious but God help us.


July 23

We run an Animal Sanctuary with 50 horses, 5 donkeys, 20 goats, 20 sheep, Butch the bullock and a piglet and were affected from Day One, being only a few miles from Cheales Slaughteryard. We have now heard that as of today Defra are starting to bloodtest the whole of Essex & Kent and must admit we are terrified. We have been busy over the last few months trying to keep FMD in the minds of people down here as, without us, the South East would think FMD went away a few weeks before the election.

We are appalled at what is going on and anything that we can do that will help,we are happy to do.If there is any way we can please let me know.

Keep up the good work

Sue Burton

Received from Hilary Peters July 21

All the same bullying tactics:
You'll never farm again. Your cows are healthy now, but they won't be.
Your neighbours will turn against you.
AND we won't allow you to move your cows.
These cows are calving or about to calve. They can't survive without more pasture.
Solicitors say she would win her case, but she says what's the good?
Re your inquiry box, whatever made us think we were living in a democracy?

Appalling Slaughter July 19th

My wife wanted to visit Hawes market Tues, July 17th and having done this and returning back on the Sedbergh road, we decided to turn down to Kirkby Stephen and make a visit there. On that country road leading to KS, we came on two culling teams. One appeared to be about to start killing and the second, a few hundred yards up the road, had finished and a digger was loading carcasses into waiting lorries on the road side. On enquiring at a paper shop in KS about this activity, I was told that five farms were due for slaughter and thousands of common fell sheep were to be culled. I should add that two farmhouses along this road were advertised for sale and will no doubt become 2nd homes for somebody.

I have found nothing about this on Teletext and on visiting the Guardian web site which has proved useful in the past, I was appalled to find that the latest F&M news was dated July 6th.

I realise that Cumbria and N Yorks are on the edge of the known world to the London media and politicians but does no-one care there any longer?
David Latimer

Received July 16th - a message for Christine and her pets

Just wanting to send a note of support and encouragement to Christine. I am sure you feel frustrated and frightened, but I hope you will get more local and national support to help you fight an unnecessary cull. You can add my voice to those who feel that the first blood samples were handled improperly and you deserve a second chance to protect the animals in your care. We know now that far too many animals have been slaughtered needlessly and you don't have to be a part of that. DEFRA have to admit at least some of their mistakes if we are ever to develop some trust in their methods. Good luck and I wish you strength and energy for the fight.

All the best - Margie Robinson, Berwickshire

Received July 16
I have spoken to another farmer, Jane , in Yorkshire. Her healthy animals, sheep, lambs, cows and a calf were slaughtered on the 13th June as a contiguous cull. Five lambs were missed in the cull and Jane has kept them housed ever since and all are well and healthy. DEFRA now want to slaughter them. The Solicitors are sending an appeal to DEFRA requesting a blood test and monitoring. Please keep your fingers crossed for Jane and her lambs! A reply from DEFRA regarding the appeal on behalf of the Goats in Cumbria belonging to Christine is still awaited. Fingers crossed for them too! Jane Barribal - Farmtalking.com

Received July 15th

Thank you so much for supporting us and so many others over the last five months. Without the encouragement of people like you we feel that normal life would have lost all meaning.

In our county, in particular the north, the landscape is completely void of sheep except where a few rebels have managed to hold on to their cherished animals, ourselves included. This coming week our two ewes will be blood tested by our own family vet because we resisted all harassment by MAFF. Having said that, had we been further back down the line we may not have got off so lightly.

You may know that Moira Linaker at Warwick Bridge still has her wonderful Ryeland sheep and will fight on. We are in regular contact. Up here we are still "pockets" of hard resistance against this mad slaughter policy but we must transmit to the rest of the country the urgency to act. Cumbria has been the "guinea pig" for the government's incompetent policy but now Yorkshire and the rest of the country are being submitted to the rule of the gun. It is time for everyone, be they farmers, business people, teachers, or students to shout "enough is enough" !! The government's policy is wrong.

We cannot undo what has been done. We can only mourn and reflect that so many millions of healthy animals have died because of so called human "superiority".

Nick and Maggie,