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26th July 2001



C.A. Crossley Esq.

County Hall



NE61 2EF



Dear Mr. Crossley




Thank you for your email of 24th July.


I went to Craster again last night (6.00 pm) and was both pleased and relieved to see that an official notice advising NO DOGS was in place on the gate at Craster.Thank you.


Regrettably I could find no trace of disinfectant replenishment.


I have literally just returned from Craster this morning (8.00 am) to find that the NO DOGS notice has been removed!!


Also, sadly, the disinfectant mat is still bone dry.


Just a suggestion, perhaps a number of NO DOGS notices could be left at the Tourist Information Centre, and the staff there asked to check the gates three or four times a day, to include first thing in the morning, and last thing in the afternoon.It is only a five minute walk.The staff could then ensure that NO DOGS notice is displayed on the gate at all times.You never know, they might get lucky and see the culprit removing the notice!!


I canít understand some peopleís mentality, especially regarding the current situation in the Brecon Beacons.


Can I, once again, leave the matter with you Mr. Crossley?


Many thanks,


Yours sincerely,




Lynne Thompson