....and those who could have helped, yet turned their backs

Letter from Richard Mawdsley (Bassenthwaite Cumbria)to the Cumberland News - 9 October 2001 (not published yet, if at all)

Re: the cursing stone in Carlisle Millennium subway

Dear Sir.

The Bishop of Carlisle wants the Archbishop of Glasgow to lift the old curse. Why?

It was originally called down for the protection of all the people of the English and Scottish West marches from the depredations of the reivers.

I say that curse should be strengthened and invoked upon those who, over the last eight months, have destroyed and continue to blight not only the livelihoods, but the whole way of life of this region; flocks and herds carried off and destroyed, other businesses bankrupted or brought to the edge of ruin, good people reduced to ill health, despair and even suicide.

No, not the reivers, but those we should have been able to trust, our own government and its agents.

Those who have told and continue to tell us so many lies and half truths to justify their actions,

those who bullied and browbeat, behaving with insensitivity and callousness to both man and beast

and whose deeds went beyond the law and yet who sheltered behind that law

and those who could have helped, yet turned their backs. I curse them all....

".........I curse them waking, I curse them sleeping, I curse them standing, I curse them lying, I curse them eating, I curse them drinking, ......."

Let God have mercy on them, for I feel little. Long may they live with the memories of what they have done.

It must always be remembered that in this country we are governed and policed by consent. When trust and respect are lost, then that consent may be withheld.