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I like this FAX YOUR MP!

My MP asked the question about farmers losses due to beef animals that were not allowed to be sold for beef because they went over 30 months of age during FMD movement restrictions when they could not be moved to a slaughter house. Farmers lost a lot of money as a result. Here is the question and the pathetic answer from Morley. Farmers would be able to provide the information in any claims if they were allowed to make them. I bet the French Government would have compensated their farmers! TEMMER=en&WORDS=J0mr+J0laurence+J0robertson+&COLOUR=Red&STYLE=&URL=/pa/cm200 102/cmhansrd/cm020131/text/20131w05.htm#20131w05.html_wqn7

33. Mr. Laurence Robertson: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what assessment she has made of the losses incurred by farmers through the OTMS due to restrictions on movements during the foot and mouth epidemic. [29570]

Mr. Morley: The over-30-months scheme (OTMS) delivers some £240 million per annum in payments to beef and dairy farmers. Farmers will have incurred losses arising from additional costs of keeping cattle, delays in sales receipts and, any differences between prices actually received and those which would otherwise have been obtained. However, there are no statistics available to identify the number of cattle that entered the OTMS scheme as a result of movement restrictions and therefore it is not possible to quantify any losses.