Did anyone see the program about TB on the TV a couple of nights ago? Farmers being told they can't make statements because they are not scientists!

If we follow the logic that cows don't get TB from badgers because the farmer isn't a scientist and can't prove it, it follows that humans can't get nvCJD from cows because even scientists can't prove it. All they have ever said is that "they can't rule it out".

Cows got BSE from cows like the Indians in Papua New Guinea got kuru from canabilism. It was only the women and children that ate the flesh of their deceased because the men excluded the women from their pig feasts. As soon as the Indians refrained from canabilism, the kuru stopped.

People either got nvCJD growth hormones taken from the pituitary gland of dead people (warmwell note; or grafted cadavric dura mater i.e. human spinal membrane) or from vaccines/injectables derived from Bovine source. The Government knew injectables could have been responsible but wouldn't have dared to suggest it because the multi million £ pharmaceutical companies would have sued the Government whereas the farmers are much easier targets.

The disease is much more likely to have come from injectables. I bet you as much as you like that the pharmaceutical companies, in league with the Government, have now changed the source of their injectables.