Elliot Morley....

Was on BBC news this morning discussing the fisheries fiasco.
Well, it is no wonder that we are not doing very well in the negotiations is it?
He IS a clone. No expression on his face.Nothing in his eyes. No personality. Nothing. He may as well be dead !
He just sat there glumly answering questions with no emotion whatever.
"We have it on the best scientific advice"..........etc.   He probably just sits there making no contribution at all.
And all these families' livelihoods are about to go under.
He was asked about compensation. He just blankly stared into space for ten-15 secs. then,again without any sign of emotion said something like " We are looking into all sorts of possibilities "
Christ !
IF you want to read on the site.  http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/2596157.stm       The men of frogland are revolting and I think the Brits. will be too. Why can't Morley stand up and really upset things and tell the French and Spanish to bu**er off and take back more of our quotas? Why does Blair have to get involved? Is it because he knows his man is widely known as an idiot?