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Corporate Watch Newsletter Issue 11-12

Special Double Issue - Corporations and War

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Private Power Partnerships
It has all the makings of a Tom Clancy bestseller. The government plans to
sell a stake in its top-secret defence laboratories currently working on
technology to enable people to live on the moon (anyone remember Ben
Elton's Stark?). The buyer? a shadowy American organisation, with
ex-presidents and prime ministers as special advisors, that has invested
millions of dollars for the Bin Laden family and Saudi royalty.

War and Corporations - a brief primer
As the military machine gears up for another war it seems worth taking a
closer look at the links between business and conflict. Corporations were
born out of the wars of colonisation and today the relationship between
military expansion and companies remains.

Oil and War
by Milan Rai
Is the projected war on Iraq intended to reinforce US domination of the
energy resources of the Middle East? Milan Rai argues that it is, but not
in the way most people think.

War is Business, Business is War
Dave Whyte, University of Leeds
One of the most bizarre features of the various propaganda efforts in the
preparation for the latest all out assault on Iraq is the frequent bandying
around of references to WWII figures. Whilst politicians and media sources
in the West frequently compare Saddam Hussein with Hitler, the Iraqi leader
himself has been quoting speeches by Winston Churchill. Dave Whyte looks at
the history of Iraq, corporations and
war.  http://www.corporatewatch.org.uk/newsletter/issue11/isue11_part4.htm

The Invisible Handout Of The Market:
Defence companies and government not quite getting the hang of free trade
Pippa Gallop
The emergence of global arms companies sits very uneasily with the
state-centred concept of international politics which still dominates
military thinking. 'National Security' goes, by its very nature, against
the grain of globalization, relying as it does on a view of the world as a
collection of independent states acting in their 'national interest'. It is
virtually the only area of trade which is excluded from World Trade

Propaganda Diary
News on the role of PR companies in promoting war against Iraq.

Genetix RoundUp
Soya, Soya, everywhere. Monsanto's attempted takeover of Argentina. New
Markets for GM crops in India and elsewhere. Syngenta in Identity Crisis
why the GM giant is pretending to be an NGO.

Babylonian Times
True stories from the other side of the corporate looking-glass.


Missing plutonium found in house and garden near Reading
Good news for Burma
Fate of public services 'in the hands of unelected trade lawyers'
NATO expands but at whose expense?

Book reviews 'Some common concerns imagining BP's Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey
pipelines system' by the Baku Ceyhan campaign. 'PFI vs. Democracy' pamphlet
series by Melanie McFadyean and David Rowland.

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