On Christmas morning as I was listening to the radio I realised, that perhaps - we are all too ready to 'throw in the towel, and walk away. Perhaps it is easier to say 'well I tried' then to actually stick around and try to make that difference. I hope that this story will give someone that added inspiration that it gave to me.

She used to be a Air Hostess for British Airways. Good job, well paid and a exciting life style. She gave it ALL up to rescue and save DONKEYS in the Middle East.

Her sanctuary is based 3 miles between Israel and Palestine (3 miles from some of the bloodiest fighting the World is witnessing). She is a English person trying to make a better life for these poor creatures. She went on to tell how these animals are used as 'live' bomb carriers - just as the humans are. They are packed with explosives and then detonated from a safe distance. They are painted with symbols and signs and used in any way possible to fight for the cause. Life for the people out in these countries is cheap, so you can imagine what price is put on a donkey.

She has 43 in her sanctuary at present. The Sanctuary took a long time to find. She has hung on tooth and nail to help these creatures. One minute she has the Israeli Flag on the side of the 4 wheel vehicle as she goes into Israel to save a donkey, the next minute she drives into Palestine to help and save a donkey there - so another change to the Palestinian flag.

As I said she is English, so she has had to not only contend with her nationality - but the fact that she is a women (blond) and on her own.

I cannot convey in this message what dangers she is faced with on a hourly basis. All I can say is that - her determination (as she said, she could still be flying long haul and having a good life). Her wonderful wonderful sense of humour. How many times have we seen that rise to the top in this country - during foot and mouth and other disasters. But, above all of that - a commitment to do all she can to help these defenceless animals. Even though, she herself is faced everyday with such life threatening danger.

Somehow just listening to her put a whole different perspective on many things. We do not have to go to those lengths. How many of us would be brave enough - but we can make a difference, in all types of ways.

Please people think about the coming New Year. Happy New Year to You All