Dissatisfaction with BT

Dec 3 ~ (Dissatisfaction with BT) "Broadband?! BROADBAND?!!!

Sue, looking with envy at the insoucient press release from the CLA below, writes:" I have spent today reconnecting every 10 minutes on a cr*p Dial-up connection, which BT promise will be finally repaired 8 weeks after it was first reported as faulty!! I doubt it will. I DREAM of Broadband!!" and she adds, "One mention of BT and the Quaker Peace Testimony flies straight out the window!" She is seriously unamused. She draws to our attention the article in the Sunday Times about the poor cancer patient Martin Booth, who tells of his frustrating battle to get a vital phone link reconnected in the face of incompetence. Sue says, "6 DAYS!! He's complaining about 6 days!! He was lucky! We were off for a fortnight until being given a temporary line, which breaks down each time it rains (like tonight) Now 5 WEEKS from the first reporting of the fault, the earliest date I have been for sorting my line out is the 19th December. ( And I can confirm everything he says about the efficiency of those working in the call centres!)."
Read the Sunday Times article about BT We imagine it will strike a chord with many frustrated beyond measure with both BT and with call centres.

Dec 3 ~ Call Centres ....a recent email from Roger.

"I had to endure one of these today. I could not get any sense at all, so I cancelled the order,and frankly the 'clone' on the other end couldn't give a damn. He just wanted to be rid of me.
A neighbour's son worked for one of these during a University break to earn some cash for Xmas. He lasted a week. He said that you sit there with a Q & A. sheet and if you cannot find the answer you must not give one off the cuff, so, you ask the caller to hold on while you ask the 'team-leader' for an answer. All calls are monitored and timed. The idea being that you fob-off as many callers as quickly as possible, and must answer a minimum number of calls in a session or you get the sack !"

You can add another Sue (or rather Suze) to this gripe

- I've been suffering from BT's idea of efficiency SINCE EASTER. I've got what they euphemistically call "Business Highway" which gives me analog and digital lines - 64 kpbs connection to the internet. Unfortunately it just doesn't work and so far nobody has been capable of correctly diagnosing the problem. They've even threatened to charge me if I call them out again..... and they WILL NOT listen or believe me when I tell them that the problem seems to be entirely weather related (and we get plenty of THAT up here on Dartmoor!!!). Funnily enough the system hasn't broken down since I bought and installed a new Hayes ISDN/USB terminal adaptor instead of using the connection provided by BT...... (altho I have to admit the weather's been kind to us for the last week or so)

From Lawrence "I read Sue's fulminations about BT with amusement. We have been struggling with our Internet connection for the past fortnight.

I have at last discovered that we have to switch off the farm electric fence to get a connection! It puts a new slant on browsing the Internet - as the stock wanders out. I am waiting for BT to come and sort out the line. The BT faults call centre staff aren't particularly well up on electric stock fences - and today I have had two persons ring me from the BT faults call centre both telling me the fault is now repaired. They were both lying.

We look forward with dread to the closing of warmwell "in its present form". Who is going to edit the news for us and give the enlightened commentary? We will have to think for ourselves and/or sink back into our pastoral torpor."

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