This war thing is ridiculous, I was in Malaysia a couple of weeks ago, sitting alongside Moslem families who were breaking their Ramadan fast together in the evening, the little children playing in and out of the tables, their parents and grandparents laughing together, and smiling at us, when their children ran up to take a closer look at these outlandish people.

One morning I came upon a group praying and chanting, as fish were released into the lake - a fish-blessing ceremony, I suppose. It was lovely. Nobody minded me watching, there was no sense of animosity towards an intruder.

I've also been interested to see that Malaysia is promoting the gold dinar for use in international trade. This would be a threat to the Western system, and give an advantage, in terms of financial stability, to the Islamic countries that adopted it. Is this another reason why Moslems are being demonised ?

Just been reading this, in an article on the Gold Eagle website:

Good luck to them, I would say. Maybe it will lead to us all having a sound money system again, in the end, on the principle of if you can't beat 'em join 'em ...