Sheep in the meadow,cows in the corn
Pigs are in clover when Maggie has gorn.
Haskins is silent and EM's away
Even bad Defra has gone out to play.
Is it a dream or could it come true ?
If you will tell me, then I will tell you.
Legalise pot and we all shall be cool
We can all forget the 20 day rule.
Just what about farming keeps us all going?
Are we all idiots ? There's no way of knowing.
But I just have to look at the first lamb in Spring
And I would not swap it for any damn thing.
I love the rain running cold down my neck
Mud on my trousers, oh well, what the heck ?
This is life, it's for living, it's over too soon
I want to enjoy it, do I howl for the moon ?
Is it too much to ask that they leave us in peace,
Will the constant harrassment eventually cease ?
I do know that certain things constant remain
And nothing and no-one can alter the vein.
Loyalty, friendship, extending a hand
When somebody needs it but they don't understand
They don't know the bonds between beast and man
Why would they, in their world of spin,spun and span ?