FMV has stopped my hobby of some 33 years as it is totally impossible to achieve bloom/good health on my show dogs.

Have you heard anything like this from anywhere else in the country or have we just noticed this first?

Within just a year after FMV we are noticing; Trees are dead and dying. No wild rabbits same year of FMV but still very few in the next. Very few Birds no Sparrows. Pipistrale bats disappeared. No acorns on Turkish oak trees or Hazel nuts? God knows what else to come?

Several pets have died from damage to their Central Nervous Systems; whole litters of puppies have died soon after birth, bitches have repeatedly reabsorbed their foetuses - this is equivalent to abortion in humans which this has also occurred, and also unusual deformities half an ear missing and 3 toes missing, one poor breeder has not been able to breed a litter of puppies since Foot-and Mouth 2001 and all because of the repeated gassings coming off the putrefying corpses of the 8,055tonnes of animal carcasses, that had their mass burials in an inadequately managed 7acre landfill/landrise.

We have also learnt that the disinfectants used during this time can cause yet another problem; not only are they known to cause death to newborns and young, but are also associated with harming sperm counts in males.