1. A well-known Penrith Solicitor described MAFF/DEFRA as operating in a culture of lies & bullying. He was of course referring to FMD operations being conducted in 2001 but could equally be applied now.
  2. It wasn’t only MAFF/DEFRA who lie. New Labour, operating under the increasingly dictatorial Blair, has unceasing economy with the truth.
  3. Recent history has proved this government to be riddled with liars. Examples are:-


              I.      Peter Mandelson was forced to resign after his involvement in the Hinduja cash-for-passports scandle. Downing Street denied Mandelson had helped one of the Hinduja brothers to get a passport. He had!

           II.      Stephen Byers lied twice when he told the Commons that Mr Martin Sixsmith had resigned when he hadn`t, he stated on television that he was not involved in Sixsmith`s departure, he was & when he told Paddington survivor Pam Warren that he was about to wind up Railtrack. He wasn`t!

         III.      Downing Street denied that they had sought to obtain a higher profile role for Blair in the Queen Mother's lying-in-state. A humiliating back down resulted in Downing Street admitting they had! Government officials then tried to smear Black Rod, Sir Michael Willcocks after he had written a memo referring to “sustained  & constant pressure from No. 10 to change the arrangements.

        IV.      Former Paymaster General Geoffrey Robinson, close friend of Blair & Chancellor Brown lied about links with disgraced Labourite Maxwell. He had received £200,000 from Maxwell but repeatedly told MP`s that he hadn`t!


There are of course many more, the scandalous Formula 1 fiasco with Bernie Ecclestone, former education Minssister Estelle Morris who lied over A Levels & more recently Downing Streets persistent lies over Cherie Blairs involvement with convicted conman Peter Foster & the mystery of how the Blair`s were able to save over £69,000 on a property deal in Bristol!




  1. The FMD fiasco of 2001 was naturally riddled with Government Officials and Civil Servants lying.
  2. Animal Health Minister, Elliot Morley, a former head of special needs teaching & completely out of his depth during the dark days of 2001, remains in office despite lying about the 3km/Firebreak Cull.
  3. On 6th November 2001 he told a Select Committee Meeting that “At the present time we do not have the powers for a firebreak cull. There was the 3km cull in Cumbria but that was VOLUNTARY and people were invited to participate in that.”
  4. Oh dear oh dear! That very same day Morley had been sent a Memo stating that the cull was in fact COMPULSORY!
  5. The various letters  and valuation/Invoice forms presented to farmers by MAFF clearly stated “Voluntary Depopulation”!
  6. Morley retracted his bizarre statement in February 2002.
  7. The contiguous/3km/Firebreak  cull was illegal & Morley was desperately trying to save the Governments position by deliberately misleading the Commons & the public. Even Labour & Carlisle MP, Eric Martlew was confused! He asked Morley on Nov 6th at the same Select Committee Meeting:-If we come to Cumbria, we did have a Firebreak with regards to sheep in the North of the County. Are you really saying that you did not really have the powers and did not really have the legal powers to carry out that Firebreak – I was involved in a number of meetings – and that really it was  a question of goodwill and bluff that allowed that firebreak to take place?”
  8. DEFRA were of course defeated in court in respect to the contiguous cull (UPTON vs DEFRA).
  9.  Alayne Addy, Devon Solicitor, who defended successfully more than 200 farmers in Devon stated:-“We consulted with a barrister who advised us that the policy of continguous culling was unlawful in both UK and EU law,” she said. The EU directive allows for compulsory culling of all stock on a farm which tests positive for foot and mouth, but not the slaughter of animals on adjoining holdings. Meanwhile, the two pieces of domestic law which Maff had used to defend the culls were incompatible with the EU law, which took precedence.”
  10. Stephen Smith QC added: “There is no power in the 1981 Act to create a ‘firebreak’.  The Ministry has power to slaughter only when it (reasonably) believes that the animal in question has been exposed to the fmd infection.  The Ministry cannot slaughter just because it considers it would be in the best interests of animals further away if an animal-free corridor were created around an IP. Although not directly relevant to the Upton case, this issue was raised in our skeleton argument but was not commented on by the Ministry.  If there had been power to create a firebreak, one would have expected that the Ministry would have been keen to draw our attention to it.”
  11. In Cumbria, a senior member of the farming community told MAFF they had no legal powers to cull some of his sheep. He held firm & very soon MAFF officials admitted they did not have the legal right to kill his sheep & apologised!


This Inquiry has been heralded as a success and great value! However, despite asking over 50 questions of DEFRA, Prof. Thomas, Inquiry Chairman unbelievably decided NOT to ask Beckett searching questions concerning the 3km Cull! I actually wrote to him & suggested some questions! My input was ignored!

Given that the cull was illegal, that many farmers were bullied by Government Officials and that this aspect of the cull had absolutely NO effect on stemming the spread of the disease & in fact resulted in the illegal killing of millions of healthy animals costing the country billions, it does seem rather odd that that Thomas “overlooked” this subject!

Interesting to note that: -"the government had awarded a contract worth £32m to the PowderJect company to supply 20m doses of smallpox vaccine in case of a terrorist attack. The problem was that Paul Drayson, the firm's owner, had given two £50,000 donations to the Labour party.”

Remember that nice Mr Snowie? You know, the one that leap-frogged local contractors & won a contract to clean up MAFF`s dirty work? Well, they too contributed to the Blair contingency fund! The Snowie brothers made some £23 Million, EACH! Bet they were paid on time!

Funny old world, Innit?