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If DEFRA is to regain respect, it must become once again a Ministry of Agriculture, paid for by taxpayers to help those taxpayers who look after the landscape and provide the nation's food.

28 January 2010 ~ Farmers, food producers and other rural businesses left with a £23 million bill dealing with unnecessary regulation.

January 26th 2010 ~ Anthony Gibson on Hilary Benn's Food 2030 strategy paper

January 4 2010 ~DEFRA provides funding for the testing of ivory samples - to begin by mid 2010 following a validation study

January 4 2010 ~ "the report will urge consumers not to insist on buying locally-produced food, because doing so would reduce the prosperity of farmers in developing countries."

January 4th 2010 ~ DEFRA report will tell us to accept GM

January 4 2010 ~ "how to deliver optimum levels of home production, sustainably"

January 2nd 2010 ~ Calling for reappraisal of DEFRA's priorities.

January 1 2010 ~ "The beginning of a new decade is a time to look forward as well as back."

January 1 2010~ "Although we still hear the right things in DEFRA speeches, policy statements and announcements, its actions speak louder than words"

January 1 2010 ~Off with its head

1 January 2010~ Gareth Vaughan blames EU auditors and officialdom for a "completely inhuman attitude to genuine errors and situations arising as a result of human tragedies."