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In this morning's post I received a questionnaire from ADAS "The Farmers Voice Survey 2002".

Question 4 STOCKING - loads of boxes to fill in for how many animals you have, and tacked on at the end is:

Foot and Mouth - Did you have animals slaughtered because of the Foot and Mouth outbreak?

Yes, because of infection or dangerous contact (tick box)

Yes, under Animal Welfare Scheme (tick box)

No (tick box)

What ? No box to tick for: Yes, because a sick, mindless vet called David Fields arrived with police and slaughter men and murdered them all, then said four day's later that the slaughter had been pointless.

Well at least there were no threats from DEFRA and the Wicked Witch of the West Jan Kelly in the post today! Thank you for your kind support by sending emails and phoning. I don't know how we would survive without you lot

Didi ps yet again my spelling check comes up with "change DEFRA to DEFRAUD"