To Lessons Learned Inquiry:

Dear Sir,

On April 2nd 2001 our farm animals were slaughtered as we were contiguous to an IP.

I would like to point out to you the following facts for your inquiry.

1)   These are the official figures for the FMD outbreak in Cornwall:

The following concern IP's SOS's DC's and CP's in Cornwall "based on DCS

Cornwall        IP's        SOS's        DC's        of which Contiguous

                        4                1            22 12


  Total                       27

Samples, Results by County

Cornwall            Current               4
                          Sampled              2          Not Tested 2

                          Positive Results   1          Negative Results and N/K      1


There was one confirmed outbreak of FMD in Cornwall, and 26 other farms were

2)   The outbreak in Cornwall, at West Witheven Farm, Canworthy Water,
Launceston, was caused by the farmer's son, Stephen Turner, who was employed
by MAFF to assist their vets in identifying FMD in Devon  during the March
2001.  He was returning home each evening in order to help his father in
lambing their own ewes.

3)   In the days after the culling of our animals we discovered that eleven
other farms contiguous to the outbreak were NOT culled.
We are separated from the IP by 37 acres of woodland; the other farms which
were contiguous, but not culled, were separated by merely a fence.

4)   Ten months after the outbreak we are still under a Form 37B, which is an infringement of our Human Rights.
These are the facts which were presented to the London Administrative Courts
in June 2001.  We were granted a Judicial Review by Judge Beatson.  We are
represented by:
Hugh Mercer
James Goudie QC
Stephen Smith QC

Yours sincerely,

D. Phillips                              N. Graham

Higher Fonstone Farm
Launceston, Cornwall. PL15 8UW  Tel: 01566 781 525

    Open letter to Mr Tony Blair
    Dear Mr Blair,

    I am a farmer from North Cornwall. On April 2nd 2001 my animals were slaughtered in the Contiguous Cull. Over the following days I found out that eleven other farms also contiguous to the outbreak had been left un-culled. These other farms were all directly contiguous, whereas we were separated by 37 acres of woodland.

    We are still under a FMD Form 37B, over ten months after the culling. We were granted a Judicial Review on the grounds of Discrimination, but were unable to proceed with it due to the costs and the enormous stress, which we have been put under. We have also been subjected to endless threats from Mrs Jan Kelly, DVM, Truro.

    I am returning the Form 37B and the Movement licence to you. I refuse to acknowledge these anymore. Our animals did not have Foot and Mouth. Our life's work has been destroyed and I have nothing left to live for - each day is a struggle.

    Yours sincerely,
    D Phillips