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Dear Mr Landeg,

I have copied below a covering letter which I sent with further evidence for the Lessons Learned Inquiry.

The eleven million plus animals whose slaughter you authorised are all long gone.......but the people whose lives you destroyed are still here.

I am writing this to you as you sent me a letter on October 21st 2001 in which you stated that there were strong grounds for believing that my animals had FMD. This statement was withdrawn by Mayer Patel , Head of Litigation for DEFRA in December 2001.......yet you have never written to me to apologise for this error, which caused us extreme distress.

I wonder if late at night, you realise the enormity of what you have done in the part you played in the Contiguous Cull in the UK.......and the human lives that have been lost?

Even the vet who slaughtered our animals told us that the culling HAD BEEN POINTLESS.

Didi Phillips

To Lessons Learned Inquiry sent March 13th 2002

Dear Sir,

Please find enclosed further notes to accompany my original submission to the FMD Lessons Learned Inquiry.

I have enclosed :

My original letter

Copy of letter to Devon & Cornwall Police

Witness statement to London Administrative Courts for Judicial Review on Discrimination

Map and accompanying notes of culled and un-culled Contiguous farms relating to IP West Witheven, Canworthy Water, Cornwall.

These notes however, do not show the extreme distress, which the meaningless culling of our animals has caused. All we wanted was to be treated fairly in the carrying out of the Contiguous Cull. To this date we have been given no explanation as to why other Contiguous farms closer to the IP were left un-culled.

We have been treated with nothing but contempt by the Cornwall DVM Mrs Jan Kelly; we have received numerous threats and insults over a period of nearly one year, leading to an attempted suicide by myself.

Words cannot express to you the misery and trauma, which the handling of the outbreak in Canworthy Water has caused my family.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Didi Phillips