Friends, I was privileged to attend Diana's funeral on Monday - here are my brief notes on an inspirational farewell

Diana Jeynes - a celebration

There were flowers gathered from the Forest of Dean, where Diana was born and lived much of her life, in the hearse with her on her last journey on Monday.

The large congregation of friends from all aspects of her busy life sang reverently the three appropriate hymns chosen by her family - All Things Bright and Beautiful (for our bright and bubbly friend), The Lord is My Shepherd (for a woman who, with her placards at the gate participated fully in the saving of so many Forest sheep) and Abide With Me - for one who lived her beliefs and stood up for what she believed in.

We who had only known Diana in her last campaign, came to know other aspects of her life better - the loving and busy family, her teaching, her enjoyment of singing and drama - and the flamboyant roles she would often play in the local drama club.

But, there was also the greatest role she played - for the last seven years of her life when she kept the lumps in her breast as her own secret - to live her life as fully as possible.

We shared the family's sense of shock when they finally confronted Diana with the reality of her illness on the Wednesday evening - and insisted that she took medical advice.

On the Thursday she was admitted to hospital and (as she had no doubt known ) was told the cancer was inoperable. However she was up and chatting away to all her visitors during the evening - and indeed chatting away to the staff until 3am! (another person used to midnight emailing!).

An hour later she slipped into a coma and died peacefully.

We were very privileged that Di's family shared this story with us all - a very brave woman whose life was lived to the full.

And the vicar finished with the poem - 'You can weep because I have died, or you can smile because I have lived' - and we tried to wipe away the tears and live up to Diana's life and standards.

As one of her twin daughters said later - 'If I can live my life to be even half the woman that she was, I will be doing very well' - and I echo that.

Diana, we salute you - and will miss you.