I object to the statement that thousands of sheep which contracted the disease came from the Forest of Dean. Where did this come from? As far as I am aware none of the free-roaming sheep tested positive to the disease but were slaughtered indiscriminately in their thousands.

As a result all of the Forest of Dean was considered one confirmed case, and 35 smallholdings and farms ordered to be culled out first and tested after.

Following a strong Public meeting and fierce support for the farmers by the Forest of Dean Foot and Mouth Action Group in blockading farms under threat of having healthy animals slaughtered. Serological testing was ordered for the remaining 26 units which had fought the slaughter A Notices

. As a result of this testing ALL THESE RESULTS CAME BACK NEGATIVE.

The statement should read thousands of healthy, uninfected sheep were slaughtered unneccesarily in the Forest of Dean causing immense damage to the environment, tourism and the rural economy.

Di (Forest of Dean) Still working to right these wrongs by fighting for vaccination....