....... thanks for the message & I had a lovely time, but fmd was still on my mind and especially since I was surrounded by beautiful free-roaming sheep and wild ponies on the Gower Peninsula. And am sorry to say I made a complete pr-t of myself in the cause.

I found myself following a narrow lane because there was a board at the top 'SAY NO TO THE INCINERATOR'. Then in front of me I found a large, new wagon (Cull type) from PENRITH CUMBRIA, and behind me another of the same. I was horrified at the risk to the free-roaming animals in this 'clean' area and anyway wouldn't you be suspicious?

Well, we got stuck because of a JCB or suchlike blocking the lane, so I casually got out of the car and strolled to the wagon behind me where I did my best Mata Hari bit asking the driver what he was carrying. "Gravel!" he said. And smiled!

"Gravel?" I responded. "What! All the way from Cumbria to South Wales?"

He nodded and smiled.

Well what would you have thought? Muttering I got back in the car and my poor long-suffering partner was subjected to all my suspicious thoughts until we moved off. Shortly after they pulled off the road into a site with lots of wagons next to the Golf Course. I went a bit further along the lane and then forced him, poor soul, to get out of the car with me, clamber through the bushes and under cover peer from behind a convenient tree, to see the first wagon deposit its' load of GRAVEL! Oh well! I'm glad it wasn't what I feared.

Do you think I am beginning to become paranoid? Don't answer that! I bet this makes you feel better about the adventure in Cardiff. Sorry to have missed the London 'do' though.