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..You can imagine how relieved we all were that Kirstin and her family did not have to go through it all again another day. There was a great turn out of support.

It was great to see Sue and the ladies from Remus with their banner all the way from Essex, and to meet at last Andy Hirst and his wife & Juanita and Carolyn & Sheila.

Jean Dixon and I stayed outside with the banners and handed out leaflets.

We were very moved by the support from passers by, many people stopping to tell us their own stories, one elderly lady in tears told me about the slaughter of her sons cattle.

Another lady came to give support (she was in the middle of lambing), she had lost her origional flock to the cull.

She handed out leaflets for about an hour then went back to her sheep. It was freeezing cold and blowing a gale, but was well worth it to see Kirstins face when she finally came out , this lovely young lady has been through hell

I find it impossible to put into words how angry I feel at the way she has been treated.