Well I am just back from London having joined Jean Dixon, Hilary and the Dogs .

I added some bouquets and a wreath to the little pile on the George V statue opposite the House of Lords, passers by still showing lots of interest and reading the cards on the flowers.

Please anyone going to London , do a little detour to place a floral tribute, with a waterproof note if possible. I think it is worth the effort.

We delivered Jean & Hilary's petition to number 10, the dogs both tried to get inside, Then stayed for a few hours to collect a few more signatures from very supportive passers by, including 2 farmers from Australia , a couple from Spain and a young Brazilian, and we actually got signatures from some Brits :).

We were alongside the Tibet Group who have been protesting for over 10 years I believe, very nice people.Makes you think though.

Pretty tired, I will make an effort to catch up on the mail after I have given my long suffering husband his dinner.