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Couple of genuine gems from our efficiency challenged Ministry!

First one could be the first DEFRA SCRAPHEAP CHALLENGE!

Farmer X in North Devon had all his stock culled as contiguous his farm was cleansed and disinfected as required.

When the official came to check everything he spotted an old farm building doors closed! He enquired of Farmer X what was in the building. He was told that was where all the scrap was kept - like all farmers there is a place you put the bodies of defunct machinery - on the basis that bits may be useful. The shed hadn't been entered for months. However our official insisted that the building should be emptied disinfected and cleansed and so should all the scrap metal! Farmer X tried to say that no one had been in the shed that no animal had been near it etc. etc. No luck. Farmer X then offered to call in a scrap man to take it away - horror upon horrors! that could certainly not be done, if the scrap metal bolts screws etc. could not be pressure washed and disinfected it must be buried!!!

Ultimately Farmer X salvaged a small amount of his useful scrap which was then pressure washed disinfected and cleansed and had to bury the rest!!

Farmer Y in Cumbria had all his sheep culled as contiguous but was allowed to keep his cattle.

This year he had a letter from British Cattle Movement Service sending polite note complete with 5 Jiffy bags requesting that he returned all his cattle passports. Slightly perplexed he telephoned BCMS to say what did they want them for - was something wrong! Well says our government employee "You won't be needing them now that you have no cattle". Farmer pinched himself to make sure he was awake and said "If I haven't got any cattle what have I been feeding all winter" - efficient employee retorts that he has it there on paper - Valuations done on..... slaughter on........ cheque sent..........

Farmer certainly never received cheque and does wonder where it went. Investigations may reveal all!!

I hope that everyone with little gems like these will surface and make them known - it does lighten our lives - if only slightly!!


Pat R