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H.E. Hatem Seif El Nasr

Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt

Embassy of Egypt

26 South Street

London W1K 1DWA

Your Excellency

I have learned that the Egyptian government is currently killing all the pigs in Egypt and that this killing is being carried out in a most cruel manner, with live pigs being transported several layers deep in trucks and then dumped in mass graves to be killed by quicklime and other substances. Egyptian media reports that the pigs scream for up to 40 minutes as they are killed by the chemicals.

I am surprised at your government’s decision to slaughter its pigs, as no other country has taken similar action over swine flu, and mass slaughter has not been recommended by either the OIE (the World Organisation for Animal Health) nor by the WHO (World Health Organisation).

In 2005 Egypt voted to accept the OIE’s Guidelines on Killing of Animals for Disease Control Purposes and the Guidelines on Slaughter of Animals. I am not aware of these Guidelines as yet being formally incorporated into Egyptian law. However as a signatory to these Guidelines, I urge you to halt the cruel killing methods now being used or at least to abide by the principles of humane killing for disease control.

I look forward to receiving such an assurance.

Yours sincerely