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Equine Infectious Anaemia

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May 1st 2011 ~ Equine diseases: "UK is ill-prepared for an outbreak"

September 17th 2010 ~ DEFRA concluded in 2009 that "introduction of EIA to the UK through legal trade in horses from the EU to the UK would be low likelihood".

September 17th 2010 ~"all borders are porous"

Feb 5th 2010 ~ EIA : unsubstantiated reports that horses were taken to sale rings all over the country over Christmas and New Year

Feb 4th 2010 ~ Unclear how many horses have now been tested for Equine Infectious Anaemia (Swamp Fever)

January 20th 2010 ~ Two imported horses euthanised because of Equine Infectious Anaemia

Re the two horses in Wiltshire euthanised because post import testing found Equine Infectious Anaemia

Email received January 20 2010 Another posting on the Horse and Hound forum suggests that a petition be sent to DEFRA that

National Equine Health Survey results 2010
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