I keep reading reports that the current area of Northumberland affected by FMD " did not have the disease before". Well, I'm sorry but if you actually plot them on a map of the area, it does not say that at all.

What has actually appeared to happen is that FMD has moved over 3 km from some farms that were infected back around end March/beg. April and re-emerged at the end of August. A time lapse of about 5 months.

There were not many actual IPs in the Hexham area, the bulk of cases were over the border in Co Durham. So the Northumberland ones tend to stick out on the OS map and are not in a cluster but distributed quite freely. So I was amazed to plot four of the latest IPs at a distance of 3 km from an old case. Funny how they all flared up in exactly the same week?

So was this because the FMD virus takes around 5 months to show itself again and spread silently across the 3 km radius? Or was DEFRA either bloodtesting or attempting to lift D notices in these areas? Either it proves the 3km theory doesn't work in stopping FMD - or someone, rather than something, was visiting these particular farms recently.

I'm probably completely wrong - but does anyone else study maps and IP dates?