The purpose of the"foundation is to let Europe hear a powerful, united 'No' to the current non-inoculation policy.

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EXTRACT: Dear Mrs Neyts- Uyttebroeck, dear listeners,

Here you can see a delegation of Ent Europa. Ent Europa started as an action group during the FMD-outbreak which hit The Netherlands last Spring. Since then, the action group has grown into an official foundation. Ent Europa opposes to the current non-vaccination policy and is widely supported by large groups in Dutch society.

I would like to thank you for having us here. Our presence in your department shows us that you take the social protest against the culling seriously.

Mrs Neyts-Uyttebroeck I would like to tell you a personal story. When on the Wednesday prior to Easter FMD broke out in our area, we were paralyzed with fear. Not only am I a farmer, I'm also the mother of four young children. I try to raise my children in respect for everything that is alive, even for the smallest animal or flower. How was I to explain to my children that people might come along and kill and destroy our healthy animals? Was I to explain that that is allowed for economical reasons? Even though vaccination is available?

After having spent a few days in that humiliating fear, I came to the conclusion that it is not allowed. By killing perfectly healthy animals and destroying excellent food an ethical boundary is passed. Whether you are religious or not, that is not how the Creation is supposed to be treated. With this system I'm empty-handed as a childraiser and I have to feel deeply ashamed towards the people who don't have enough food in the first place.

Ent Europa was founded on Eastermonday. A huge group of volunteers and sponsors from all walks of life offered their help. We tried to stop the culling in all sorts of ways; protest-gatherings, signature-actions, petitions, conversations with politicians, hundreds of court-cases. It was of no avail. Although there wasn't a single right-minded human-being to be found in The Netherlands, who was in favour of the culling, the train of destruction was driving full speed ahead. Hundreds of thousands of animals were killed, the pride and joy of thousands of families at the same time destroyed. Weeks after they had started off with the emergency-vaccinations, when there was absolutely no danger of spreading the virus anymore, even then the killing went on. Among those last animals was Sabina, the best red-and-white cow in Europe. And the Bredenoord family's dairy cows which had been lovingly taken care of generation after generation for more than 150 years. And a little goat that was literally torn from a little girl's arms in order to kill it.

Now, in late Autumn, we can draw up the balance sheet for The Netherlands: 270,000 animals were killed while only 26 farms were infected. So, for each infected farm 10,000 perfectly healthy animals had to be killed.
And as far as the people concerned: the culling-policy was the immediate cause of 17 suicide-cases, dozens of heart-attacks, brain-hemorrhages, miscarriages, and enormous mental distress. Thousands of people are still dealing with psychological problems as insomnia, always returning nightmares, concentration-problems, listlessness and depressions. Among them are many children. Finally I would like to point out that the social structures in the stricken rural-areas are completely disrupted, it is estimated that it will take several decades to restore all this. We can only guess what the consequences are for a much harder stricken country such as Great Britain.

Mrs Neyts-Uyttebroeck, a Europe, in which economic interests are worth so much suffering, is frightening. Not only as a farmer, but even more as a mother, I don't feel safe in such a Europe. And I am not the only one. In the past months we have gathered, together with the initiative-group Church and Society, 100,000 signatures of private persons and letters of support of organisations, which resulted in another 375,000 new members. The words of the petition are simple:
We are against the culling of healthy animals.
Therefore: vaccinate Europe against FMD.

We don't care how FMD will be controlled in future. Whether it's done by preventative vaccination, ringvaccination without trade restrictions or with the use of marker vaccines. As long as there will never be cullings of healthy animals again. Time is running out, nobody knows when the virus will strike again. That's why we ask you urgently, on behalf of all the sighes, to use your political weight to abolish the European culling policy once for all. Brussels dec. 11th Christien Schneider, Ent Europa. "Our foundation is trying to get as many signatures as possible for our action which is called: "Stop killing healthy animals".

We ask if you could kindly sign our website guestbook

(Warmwell assumes that signing the guestbook will be the way to add one's name to the "petition")
You can read about this on our website: On December 11th at 4 pm. (before the Conference of European Ministers of Agriculture) we shall deliver a petition to Mrs. Neyts-Uyttebroeck, Minister of Agriculture in Belgium, also chairwoman of this Conference in Brussels. We have contacts with action groups in Belgium, England and Germany.

The purpose of the">foundation is to let Europe hear a powerful, joined 'No' to the current non-inoculation policy.

And please will you also pay attention for this action on your own website if you have one, or/and let other people know about this.