Minutes of 06/09/2001 - Provisional Edition

Foot-and-mouth disease

B5-0548, 0555, 0563, 0573 and 0580/2001

European Parliament resolution on foot-and-mouth disease

The European Parliament,

- having regard to its resolution of 5 April 2001on foot-and-mouth disease in the European Union(1),

A. whereas measures by the UK government to control foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) have failed and whereas new outbreaks of FMD are appearing in England,

B. concerned about the lack of frontier controls on FMD by the UK and the lack of harmonisation of controls at ports and airports in the EU, which means there is a high risk that FMD will again spread across frontiers,

C. whereas weather conditions in autumn and winter increase the risks of contamination,

D. noting the increasing risk of a spread of infectious diseases from imports into the EU, which means that all Member States must remain extremely vigilant,

E. whereas public opinion might not approve of a further massive destruction of contaminated and suspect animals,


1. Requests the Council and Commission to make a statement at the earliest opportunity, in which the following questions should be dealt with:


-         why the outbreak of FMD has lasted so long in the UK and has not yet been controlled and why the option of ring vaccination has not been used;


-         what measures the Council and Commission intend to take to prevent and control the risks of FMD contamination inside the EU and with regard to outside border controls;



-         what progress has been made in the development of new testing methods and marker vaccines and whether the Commission intends to speed up the development of these products;


-         the directs costs to the Commission of the FMD outbreak to date and a cost-benefit analysis of various disease control approaches from the point of view of all rural stakeholders;


-         what new budget lines the Commission foresees to combat and prevent possible future outbreaks;



-         what action programme the Council and Commission propose to prevent and control FMD in future;


2. Instructs its President to forward this Resolution to the Council and Commission.


(1) Texts Adopted, Item 12.