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Email received from Cirencester College June 18 2009 re

~ Farming without oil

Chris' initial reaction is below:
Hello Mary,
I attended the Transition Farms Event yesterday, short of time to write a Report, will just say now that it was a very good event indeed, the College does these events brilliantly, a very full and fast-paced programme, with adequate breaks for refreshment and 'networking' - not a dirty word at Cirencester  ( I wish that DEFRA would realise that having brought a group of people with a shared interest together then the least the financial supporters of that activity and the environmental supporter of the same [Mother Earth who carries the true transport cost] can expect is that the attendees can get together to talk and make the most of the trip).
Outcomes from this event will become apparent over time, very encouraging though to hear lecturers from the RAC speaking from the stage like a bunch of old hippies - climate change, peak oil, peak phosphate, water shortage, pollution, resource depletion, population and the social dimension - astonishing really, or perhaps more astonishing that it has taken this long!  Good to hear people talking about the atmosphere now being almost 'super-saturated' with green ideas, awaiting crystallisation in  the 5% of the population that can/ do/ will make the changes. Good, also, to hear the positives coming out of the Stroud CSA.
Needless to say, a range of views were present (a main pro-GM proponent was present but not speaking - this was not a pro-GM event) but positives - despite the doom and gloom- were to the fore. The event was so oversubscribed that they are planning to repeat it elsewhere (Exeter) and other useful events are also planned. I hope to be able to follow up on some of the initiatives I learnt about, as well as (defintely will be) working on 2 separate initiatives with two different but neighbouring Herefordshire farmers I had to go there to meet.
Notes from the meeting will be available on the RAC website (not sure when, or about access) - let me know if you want to access them but can't and I will forward to you; I gave as the route via which I heard of the event.
Best wishes,