Thanks for the "Not in our name" section. Watched the march online for a couple of hours, you must have been one of the specks under all those banners. Only wish I could have been there. Well, back home in April - though I hope against hope that war will be out of the question by then.

Intrigued by the Pilger quote from Richard Perle. I wanted to see what went in between the omission dots, so did a google search. Nothing of any interest under the dots (just "I think we will do very well") but the search came up with a different source for the full quote: "Former Reagan NSC advisor Michael Ledeen", who apparently said it "at panel moderated by Rumsfeld adviser Richard Perle, October 29, 2001".

Ledeen has a whole series of articles from the Jewish World Review online at, and has recently written a book about terrorism. All makes very depressing reading, it looks as if Iraq is only the start if "we" are to be made "safe". It seems that Robert Fisk is right, and "we" is first and foremost Israel.

Am following the Janet Hughes saga avidly.