Attn. Martyn Dilley

FMD Science and General Policy Team
Animal Movements and Exotic Diseases Division
Defra Area 610, 1A Page Street, London, SW1P 4PQ




Dear  Mr Dilley


Janet Hughes  £17000 costs demanded by DEFRA


As I am sure you know, the Janet Hughes case is far from straightforward.  Her legal action against DEFRA was prompted by her humanitarian feelings and wholly altruistic concern about the implications both of the contiguous cull during 2001 – particularly of course in the Brecon Beacons – and the new provisions of the Animal Health Bill.

She has lost all her cases.  This has cost her a great deal in emotional energy, time and money.  What she has won, however, is a growing wave of public sympathy and admiration for her independent  (albeit doomed)  stand on behalf of those who put their responsibility  for their animals before profits.  As yesterday’s newspaper report in the Shropshire Star showed, this is a case that threatens to become a cause celebre.

May I please add my voice to those who are asking DEFRA to show some leniency in victory and withdraw their demands for costs? 



Yours sincerely



Mary Critchley  (Mrs)