I am just so angry had to put fingers to keyboard.

The NFU are now pushing for a vaccine to be developed for TB. What a pity the same attitude was not applied during the FMD outbreak when the NFU was prepared to watch 8 million healthy animals slaughtered under the alleged illegal contiguous cull. What about Nestle and the Retail world now. Shouldn't the NFU be setting up cosy meetings to block vaccination?

It becomes worse. President Ben Gill wants farmers to have the 'latest technology' that being of course the Bio. Why we need GM food to enable us to produce more food when we are awash with food is beyond me. It is nothing to do with feeding the world. We could already feed the starving millions if the political will was there. GM is about Copyright and money to the Bio Tech Companies of which I am sure Ben Gill has much personal interest.

Yes I am really really angry at the sheer hypocrisy of these arrogant jumped up jerks.