Thank you from Janet Hughes

Without the help and support from people who have written to Martyn Dilley, DEFRA,  I do not think our situation would be quite as positive at the moment.  The fact that DEFRA is being made aware that quite a number of folk have found their actions to recover costs to be very inappropriate will have certainly made DEFRA more careful as to how they continue to act. In the letters accompanying  donations there have been a large number letting me know that they are writing to Mr Dilley, so maybe he has had a large number of letters about this issue.
The media has been very supportive, and our local reporters have done a great job in keeping up the pressure, and getting the information into the public domain. If this had not happened I know things would have been grim for us as a family. It was brilliant to have Christopher Booker highlight the issue on 3 February in the Sunday Telegraph.
Now that I have discovered that the necessary notice was not served on me I can show that they have certainly not acted in accordance with the law in this instance. I have still not been able to track down the High Court reference number for their claim; they have been using my old judicial review claim number from 2001, and should have been issued with their own claim number for the writ. 
Anyway, I just wanted to say a very big thank you from us as a family to everyone who has supported us in this. I am hoping that the clouds will lift a little from now on and that the dark DEFRA cloud will vanish for now.  I am keeping all fingers crossed.
Thank you to everyone, especially to Mary, for keeping this going in the public domain.(please don't take that out !).