Dear Ms Ivory


I would like to submit the following brief comments on the above plan:

It seems that Defra is still woefully ill prepared to implement emergency
vaccination, and yet it obviously has detailed slaughter plans.  The
science is way ahead of Defra: there are the vaccines and tests available.
What has been lacking has been the political will to use the available
scientific knowledge to combat FMD in a 21st Century manner.  It would
appear that there are still individuals in Defra who have an outdated
mindset, and that there have been too close links with individuals with
economic interests.  I feel strongly that Defra needs to open up and to
modernise, and to be seen to do this by members of the public and the rural
community.  Otherwise, there will be continue to be little trust placed in
the Department.

Defra seems to have made very little progress towards implementing the
recommendations re vaccination by the Royal Society Inquiry, which the
government itself set up, despite this being published months ago.
Furthermore, the EU Draft Directive requires that each member state has a
comprehensive contingency plan for implementing emergency vaccination. Defra
seems to be nowhere near achieving this.

The pressing need is for Defra is to forge ahead with drawing up a
comprehensive strategy for implementing emergency vaccination immediately,
drawing on the wealth of up to date professional veterinary expertise and
"layman" expertise and common sense that already exists, but which has
hitherto been largely ignored.

Yours sincerely

Anne Lambourn

Individual with veterinary and farming connections, who has submitted
material to all the Inquiries.