Having been e-mailed a link to your site in a letter concerning the Nov 29th meeting about the new "Animal Death Bill", I'd just like to say it is very refreshing to read some un-biased and accurate information about what our wondrous Government are planning and have done.

I have worked in the livestock industry for nearly 20 years and I have a small-holding. This foot and mouth fiasco has been the final straw for my last employer who decided to go out of pigs. Movement licence applications have been turned down time and again for pigs other than direct-to-slaughter and he has been left with the situation of being unable to sell all the stock before the deadline to qualify for the out-goers scheme payments. As a result, I suspect healthy stock will have to be shot.

Personally, I cannot believe the mess MAFF, DEFRA (department for the eradication of farmers and agriculture) and the Government in general have made of the foot and mouth epidemic.

I certainly support the call for a public enquiry; I think vaccination should have been used - without compulsory slaughter of vaccinated animals and if they had used the quicker FMD detection tests from the beginning it would all have been over in a couple of months.

I am quite ready to believe in a hidden agenda to rid this country of its livestock and its farmers - there certainly seems precious little in the way of support. I have written a small website - the result of a computer course, about my family, livestock and hobbies and following the aforementioned e-mail, I put a link to your website on my first page.

I am cheekily now asking if you would put a link to my website on your site! The address is Sorry to rabbit on, keep up the good work.